Product management and lean startup consulting

We are currently open to consulting opportunities. 

Mr. Smida offers clients a combination of product, technical, marketing, business skills and experience with B2B companies. His approach to problem-solving caters to each company's stage and is rigorous, analytical, and cross-functional; spanning from high-level strategy to tactical details.

  • Do you need help launching great products?
  • Do you need help prioritizing and planning what features to build?
  • Is your product as well-designed and easy to use as you would like?
  • Do you help setting-up and managing your product talent hiring pipeline?
  • Does your company need help understanding users or marketing your product?
  • Are you tracking and optimizing the key metrics for your business?
  • Would you like to learn and apply best practices in all these areas?

Whether your company needs an interim Lead Product Manager or has a specific short-term project need, can help. 

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Mr. Smida is a product leader with B2B SaaS, marketplaces and supply-chain expertise. He has been building software and managing cross-functional teams at FlexportSourceeasy, and his own companies: MindBits, and He also has been providing operational product expertise – mentorship and consulting services–  to multiple early-stage companies in the Supply-chain and Logistics field.

He is an Angelpad alumnus, published in multiple magazines – Wired and Stern – and winner of the Midem 2013 music startup award. He previously led the development of Tranquilien, a mobile app commissioned by the National French Railway Company and worked in digital advertising (Havas & Publicis) in Paris.

+ Product Management
+ Business Strategy
+ Growth 
+ User Research

+ ​Cross-functional leadership
+ Lean Product Development 
+ Product Analysis - BI
+ UX Design​

+ Agile Methodology
+ Wireframing - Mock
+ PRD / Stories / Jobs 
+ Web & Mobile UI Design

- Sticky Notes & Whiteboard
- Pen & Paper
- Quip
- Aha! / ProductPlan

- Sketch
- Invision
- Balsamiq
- Bootstrap

- Pivotal Tracker 
- Periscope Data
- FullStory